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Lambs Farm Rebranding

graphic means, that Lambs Farm is a place where people with
developmental disabilities live, work, learn, and enjoy their
social activities.


Lambs Farm. Where People Grow.

Lambs Farm is a place where all people grow…the residents, staff, volunteers, visitors, and donors.


The Lambs Farm project was completed through a contract
with Spore Branding.

Lambs Farm is an organization that helps developmentally disabled people lead productive, happy lives. With the
upcoming 50 year anniversary of Lambs Farm, it was the
ideal time to rebrand their identity.


The majority of visitors to Lambs Farm were only aware of the
consumer section of the farm, including the petting zoo, restaurant, pet shop, thrift shop, and bakery. The purpose of the
production was to help the public understand, through video and