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At Pixel Motion, our philosophy goes beyond the standard logo, brochure, or package system. We believe that a well designed

Brand should take our Client’s stories to a higher level of

communication through the use of more focused skill sets.

This is the cornerstone, the foundation, it is where the story begins. It is imperative, in this stage, to integrate this vital element into your Brand Identity to assure it reflects the entire message of your Brand in a cohesive manner.

Brand Identity Services


Competitive landscape audits

Design strategy consultation

Identity conception and design

Package design

Brand guidelines

Brand system launch planning

This is where we set the stage for your story, by building a literal and figurative landscape in which to place your Brand. It is just one part seen by your audience, and combined with your entire strategy, creates a unified concept for your Brand.

Collateral Services



Sales support materials

Tradeshow displays

Tradeshow printed materials

HR and employee communications

Stationary systems

Signage and way finding systems


The more senses with which your Brand engages, the greater the power of the story. Video and Motion Graphics add a real-time element, and the use of sound builds a heightened sense of emotion for your audience. Pixel Motion incorporates these

strategies to establish a bond between your Brand and your customer base, all while maintaining the intended core message.

Video & Motion 

Graphics Services


Script writing

Storyboard concepting and design



Motion graphic design

Sound design

Social media integration

Having a captive audience is paramount to presenting your Brand concept. This is the golden opportunity to showcase your mission in a tangible way. To cultivate group interest, it is crucial to have

a compelling and well designed presentation, one which fully represents the essence of your objective.

Presentation Design



Design and development


Video and sound integration

Corporate presentation templates

Brands achieve success when they engage audiences with authentic, inspiring, and entertaining content. The use of
Social Media is a highly influential venue in which to promote
your Brand in a current and ongoing stream, where the mention
to or from a friend can multiply the impression of your Brand to
an exponential degree.

Social Media Services


Digital marketing planning

Design and development

Video storytelling

Social marketing management

Electronic newsletter creation

home     capabilities     work     about us      history     just for fun     contact     blog