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Pixel Motion is a firm that is focused on smart design, 

simple solutions, and communicating Brand stories

through multiple platforms.

Brian Carron, founder of Pixel Motion, has over 20 years experience in the industry, including brand design and corporate communications. Brian has designed for such clients as SCJohnson, Ciba Vision, General Mills, Morton International, and Allegiance Healthcare (now Cardinal Health). Brian is also a jazz guitarist who loves telling stories through his music. It was through this music that he realized people become more emotionally connected to narratives when more of their senses are engaged. Using this knowledge, he took his branding and story telling experience and applied them to video and motion graphics, with the intent to allow an audience an increasingly heighted Brand Experience. “I fully realized the emotional power that video story telling has during a rebranding project for Lambs Farm, an organization serving people with developmental disabilities. It was in the midst of this project that I created my first video, one that is now used to help them obtain new donors. After I presented the video, I looked around the room and saw tears in peoples eyes, and I was amazed when the CEO came over and gave me a big hug”.


In this competitive market, it is a must that Brands emotionally connect with their consumers like never before. These narratives must thoroughly engage audiences with authentic and inspiring purpose. Our mission is to tell the story of your Brand, in a cohesive, compelling, and memorable way.